JYANG Net (Jiaxun Yang’s Network) AS48987 is a research network solely maintained by Jiaxun Yang (a.k.a. FlyGoat).

Redirect to here if you want to know more about him.

Network Information

Due to my laziness, it is unlikely that this page will get updated for every change I made. For latest information please reference following industrial databases.

Looking Glasses

There is no dedicated looking glasses server in my network.

However, I’m an active participant of RIPE Atlas project, I had setup Atlas probes on all of AS48987 PoPs. You may take advantage of those probes by setting up a measurement on RIPE Atlas platform, or using Atlas public relays such as Hurricane Electric Super Traceroute.

I’m also advertising full BGP route table to bgp.tools, they are public on bgp.tools looking glasses.


This network generally holds a open peering policy at Internet Exchange Points, private peering via physical link or tunnel should be discussed on case-by-case bias.

I’ll peer with router servers and advertise full routes at Internet Exchange Points if possible.

Please see PeeringDB for IX information.

Contact me for peering requests.


  • jiaxun.yang+noc # flygoat.com for urgent noc matters

  • jiaxun.yang # flygoat.com for general information

  • jiaxun.yang+abuse # flygoat.com for abuse report